Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Have a Heart Tissue Box Cover

I rarely make anything for myself. I am usually working on a gift for other people, or something to sell in my Etsy shop. In the spirit of making different things, I decided to do a project for my bedroom. I've been tossing around the idea of a tissue box cover. I keep a tissue box in my living room and my bedroom. I decided to use the latest Tiddly Inks Challenge to make my box. My bedroom colors are purple and gray so I decided that the tiddly inks image were most appropriate for my bedroom and easily done in purple.  For this project I used Wryn - Have Heart and Wryn- Grow a little Love. Wryn-Grow a little love was the first Tiddly Inks image I ever seen. I didn't know where it came from at the time, but when I went searching for another image one day I ran across her. I just LOVE Christy's images. They are so much fun to color and I aspire to have them all one day.
New Composition
New Composition-1
I colored the images with prismacolors and odorless mineral spirits. I have been trying to get the guts to draw my own backgrounds for digital images. I decided to make gray striped wallpaper for these cute little girls to stand in front of. The darker one was my first attempt. I decided I like the lighter colors for the second attempt so it looks like they are in different rooms which is ok since they are on different sides.New Composition-2
The last thing I discovered was for the cover of the tissue box, I wanted a very intricate flourish to go across. The Cricut (R) explore is so much better than my Cricut (R) Inspiration 2 when it comes to cutting intricate designs, but even still I have always had a little issue with any image that has tiny lines. I ruined half of my last sheet of deep purple cardstock and was about to give up when I decided to give the "Custom" setting a whirl. I discovered that they have a setting under custom for Cardstock Intricate Cut. I used it and it worked PERFECTLY! I was ecstatic!. Just another facet of my Cricut Explore (R) that I LOVE and will use again!
Well I hope you enjoyed my project! Thanks for Reading!

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