Sunday, June 21, 2015

Super Survivor - The Power to Overcome

I decided to through my hat into the ring once again over at the tiddly inks challenge blog. This time the challenge, challenge 159,  is all about Super Powers. Christy has several great super hero digi, and of course I own pretty much all of them because I am a major lover of all the super hero movies and TV shows running now. So, while lying awake one night imagining what I would craft, I had a layout all planned out. My cousin's little boy was about to turn 2 and I needed to make him a card anyway so I thought I'd do a super power themed card for him. My idea totally changed and went from being a birthday card to something so much more. My Aunt runs a lot of marathons/5Ks for breast cancer and she will be participating in one this July, and it got me to thinking, you know what is really SUPER? Someone who is able to fight and survive breast cancer, I know several amazing ladies that fought tooth and nail to win and have survived, and sadly I know some who gave it their all and did not survive. I thought my super power card would honor those who have fought.  So without further ado....
I give you SUPER SURVIVOR. Anyone who has went head to head with Breast Cancer and has survived is a superhero in my book.
SuperSurvivorThis card was made using Avenger -Masked Hero which right now is one of Christy's $1 images so hop over and get yours today.  I picked her because she is a girl and I couldn't get over how adorable that star wand was. I colored her with prismacolors using a different blending technique than I've ever used with my images (just using a blending pencils, I've always used Odorless Mineral Spirits.)
I also used PicMonkey to design my printed graphics for the card, and I used the Cricut cartridge "POW, CRASH, BOOM" from their digital subscription.  Well I hope you enjoy my card! It was certainly fun to make.
Thanks for reading!
PS. You can pick this OOAK (One of a Kind) card up in my Etsy shop!

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