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Precious Moments Pilot Thanks

When I was in 1st grade my teacher had a giant coloring book with Precious Moments (R) images that we would get to color if we finished our work early. I looked forward to coloring those cute little people who seemed to have a fun life similar to mine. It was no surprise to me that as I learned to make cards that some of my first stamps were Precious Moments (R) and have since found several coloring books to use images from as well.  The card I made here is using one of my coloring book images that I shrunk down. I made this for a delightful couple in our church who have recently gave us meat for our freezer and have been a huge blessing to my family.  So here is my card!!!! The sentiment on the lower half of the easel card was word art that I designed on the Photofy app on my smartphone. I really loved the way this guy turned out. Thanks for reading!!

Mother's Day 2015

So I think it is safe to post my Mother's Day cards now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE making one of a kind cards for my family, but I stink getting them out in the mail on time. I mailed them the Monday after Mother's Day so it took a bit for them to get them and I don't want to post the card until the recipient has received it. (Just my thing, I guess.) So these are my designs for the dear sweet ladies in my life. For my mom I used the new  Tiddly inks  stamps. My mom likes colors like mauve and rose so I tried to incorporate that into my design. This next card was made for my dear Mother-in-law. She is into bright colors and loves her flower garden so I figured the Precious Moment's image was fitting.  The last Card was for my dear grandma. It saddens me that out of my husband's side of the family and mine we only have one grandmother left, but she is a gem and I will cherish her forever. The Precious Moment's girl with the lamb made think of how sweet and tend