Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Java Girl Coffee Card

Well it is time for another card posting. I made this card for another girl in our church who is gone away to college. This stamp I got from The Greeting Farm made me think of her. I have a ton of stamps, some are about 20 years old, and some are new because I cannot quit buying them, but I am always at a loss of which stamp to use next. I decided one night while I was lying awake in bed that I should close my eyes and draw out a stamp each time I am ready for a new project, then put the ones I use into another box until I've drawn all my stamps. This helps me go through all my stamps and it also keeps me from doing similar cards over and over again. I have several drawers of stamps, one drawer is filled with wooden block stamps, one drawer is filled with unmounted rubber stamps, one with clear cling stamps, and a file on my computer filled with digital stamps. I rotate each drawer each time, this time I drew from my unmounted rubber stamps and this little girl was the stamp I drew.
When I draw a stamp I look at the image and try to decided what kind of card it will be, if I am going to use a fancy fold, if it makes me think of someone special, and what colors I am going to use to color it. Then I color it and then I work my scrap magic around it to create a card. I felt the colors were appropriate for the time of year, and the accessories I used seemed to fit the personality of the girl I was making it for. I did a hand written sentiment on the front because I felt it was more personal for someone I n my life, and I used my Cricut (r) to cut out the coffee image. The only thing I am not crazy about on this card is the bow. I struggle with making bows. I bought a bowdabra mini (r) over Christmas but haven't gotten much time to practice with it. If I follow the tutorials step for step, I am able to make something that at least resembles a bow, but I still have plenty of room for improvement.  Here is the inside.
I like that the inside of my cards resemble the outside pretty well. I feel it gives a personal touch to the cards and I like that the insides are just as pretty as the outsides.
Once again, thanks for reading!!

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