Friday, March 20, 2015

Harvest Easel Card

Back before my last craft fair, I discovered that I really like to make intricate cards. I worked on this harvest card the week before the fair, it took me several evenings of crafting to finish it, but I dare say it is my favorite of all the cards I have made yet.
I actually made two of these exactly alike. I wanted to sell one and then send one to someone special. I never did either, they are both still stowed away for next year, but this is the card that inspired me to be more intricate in my work. It also inspired me to stop duplicating my work. I have never liked doing the same thing twice, plus I thought, "what a better way to sell than advertise that all of my cards are one of a kind." (I have since learned that the official abbreviation on Etsy for one of a kind is OOAK.)
On this card I used the diagonal easel fold. This particular fold is one of my favorites because it makes displaying the card super easy, and the card becomes more of a gift than a card. It also makes any card look super fancy, and I love fancy things. With this card I also tried my hand at mini handmade paper roses. This is where the bulk of my time was spent. It takes me a few hours to make just a few roses. I like being able to say that the roses are handmade by me, and if I am in need of a certain color I will still make them, but I have found that it is way easier to buy them online than to make them.
The image I used was from MelJen's Design, you can purchase your own digital stamp here. I colored the image with my prized Prismacolor pencils.
Here is what the card looks like when the easel is open.
I put a verse on the inside along with more roses and then I lined everything with  beautiful harvest themed paper and lace. I cannot wait for fall so I can whip this baby out and give it to someone.
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