Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!

February 9th is a very special day in our family. This day marks the birthday of the most wonderful woman I know who has sacrificed so much and given all of her heart and soul for our family, this woman is my mother. Every year my dad and I collaborate to make the day as special as possible for her, but this was not alway the case... I remember back when I was a kid,  my mom was teaching at the Christian school that I was attending and on a Tuesday they had everyone after chapel sing "Happy Birthday" to my mom, I was shocked. How was I supposed to remember that February 9th was my mom's birthday? The day progressed, and my 6-year-old nature totally dismissed the shock from the morning and by evening I had totally forgot until my dad came into my room that night after he got home from work, as he normally did, to see how everything went at school. I rehursed the day's drama about how my friends and I played on the dirt pile, and how I read a whole book on my own, then it hit me "Oh yeah, and everyone sung to mom for her birthday!" His heart sunk, It was one thing for a 6-year-old to forget a date like that, but it was an entirely different thing for the husband- the head of the family - the love of her life -to forget something like that. I do not quite remember how the rest of the evening went or all the back pedaling my dad had to do to smooth things over, but since then, it's been a pretty good joke in our family.
We try to make an effort to do something special for mom, this year she wanted to stay home so I came over and cooked buffalo wings since that is one of her favorites. And in honor of the special occasion I made a One of a Kind Card. 
I have been more into making intricate cards and only one of a kind. I used to do a lot of bulk cards, but I find it more fun to design one card at a time, plus it makes it way more special. Here I used a brand new stamp from Whimsy Stamps. Half way through the making of this card, my computer crashed so I ended up being stranded without my cricut so all the die cuts are either hand cut or punched. The sentiments are all hand written in my "not-so-awesome" handwriting, but for my mom, I think it was a great personal touch I would dare say that this card has been one of my absolute favorites.  Up next will be a post on how I colored this very image for my mom's cards.
Thanks so much for reading!!!!

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